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Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems

Air Purifiers, Inc. provides complete exhaust ventilation systems to remove toxic emission fumes from diesel and gas engines. With a broad selection of equipment, we are able to design systems that are effective and easy-to-use in all types and sizes of facilities.

We offer overhead exhaust removal systems, under-floor systems, and portable exhaust extraction. In addition, our emergency vehicle exhaust systems include features to fit the unique needs and layouts of emergency response stations. Please ask us for a free on-site evaluation to determine the exhaust removal system that best fits your needs.

Overhead Systems

Under-Floor Systems

Portable Systems

Emergency Response

Overhead Systems for Exhaust Removal in Garage

Overhead systems for removing vehicle exhaust include spring-operated or motorized hose reels, exhaust extraction rail systems, single or dual exhaust hose systems, retractable telescoping systems, swivel booms, and crane arms.

Hose reels are an ideal solution in shops with high ceilings and where overhead cranes or other equipment may also be in operation. The hoses offer compact storage and yet easy-to-access hoses for capturing and removing car, truck, bus, or heavy equipment exhaust.

Exhaust extraction rail systems offer high-efficiency and flexible exhaust removal for stationary or vehicles in motion, such as for vehicle manufacturers or inspection stations.

Featuring cost-effective operation and easy installation, exhaust hose systems with balancers are convenient to use for one or two exhaust pipes of stationary vehicles. The balancers automatically raise the hose and nozzles after disconnection.

Telescoping hoses offer a simple and economical exhaust extraction system in a selection of hose lengths, while swivel booms and crane arms provide extended and flexible reach in a large range of motion.

Typical Applications:

  • Automotive Repair Shops
  • Maintenance Facilities for Car & Truck Fleets
  • Maintenance of Construction and Agricultural Machinery
  • Vehicle Inspection Stations
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Military Vehicle Depots
  • Engine Test Facilities

Air Purifiers, Inc. provides all the help needed to design and install a safe, cost-effective, and energy-efficient ductwork system.

Under-floor Systems for Garage Exhaust Ventilation

Under-floor systems for garage exhaust ventilation are available in two configurations: self-storing and plug-in systems. In the self-storing arrangement, the hose is pulled up from underground for use, then pushed back in for storage after the work is done.

The plug-in system allows flex hose to be connected to a single or dual floor outlet and stored out of the way when not in use. The under-floor or in-ground exhaust removal system provides an alternative system in facilities where overhead space is limited.

For under-floor vehicle exhaust systems, Air Purifiers is pleased to offer UnderDuct-VE, by Monoxivent. This corrosion-resistant under-floor exhausting duct is rated to 325 degrees-F and does not require concrete encasement, making under-floor exhaust systems more reliable and easier to install.

Typical Applications:

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Motorcycle Shops
  • Garages or Maintenance Facilities
  • Light/Heavy Equipment Repair

Portable Exhaust Extraction Systems for Shops

Air Purifiers, Inc. offers portable exhaust extraction systems for facilities where overhead or in-floor exhaust removal is not feasible. Our Portable Fume Eliminator is compact, easy to maneuver, and available in multiple models, offering a range of features:

  • Hose reel or hose storage mast
  • Integral fan
  • Telescoping mast / adjustable height to fit all top-, mid-, and under-chassis exhaust pipes

Typical Applications:

  • Truck Maintenance & Repair
  • Municipal Bus Facilities
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Construction Equipment

Exhaust Extraction for Emergency Response Facilities

Nowhere is vehicle exhaust extraction more important than in emergency response facilities. To provide optimal air quality in the stations, Air Purifiers, Inc. offers electro-magnet, pneumatic and magnetic systems and components to fit all layouts and budgets.

Our emergency vehicle exhaust systems extract diesel fumes directly from the exhaust pipes and provide easy connection and manual or automatic release as the vehicle departs the bay.

Types & Options

  • Track Systems: back-in systems for small to medium-sized stations.
  • Rail Systems: drive-through or back-in systems for multiple vehicles.
  • Vertical Stack Systems: back-in or combined drive-through / back-in for vehicles with top exhaust pipes.
  • Pneumatic or magnetic attachment/release
  • Radio control, pressure, door or manual activation methods

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