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Housings for Pollution Control System

In order to ensure that pollution control systems are safe and meet all applicable standards and regulations, Air Purifiers, Inc. offers a wide range of side access housings for secondary safety, odor control, and high-efficiency filtration. Side access housings are available in various sizes, construction materials, and configurations.

In addition, Air Purifiers, Inc. offers safety equipment for the control of combustible and flammable dust and fumes to ensure that each system is not only efficient and effective but also safe and code-compliant.

ASHRAE Type of Housing for Single & Multiple Filters

Fume and Odor Control Housing

High-Efficiency Air Filtration System and Housing

ASHRAE Type of Housing for Single & Multiple Filters

To maximize the effectiveness of air quality systems, Air Purifiers offers ASHRAE Type side access housings, a versatile housing that can be used as a single-stage prefilter or multi-stage filter to meet varying efficiency and flow volume requirements. Units are available in a complete range of sizes, configurations, and construction materials.



  • Carbon
  • Leverlock
  • PolySeal
  • DemisterFlat Bank
  • Vee-Bank
  • HEPA


  • Dual Access Doors
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Insulated Enclosures

Fume and Odor Control Housing

The broad selection of odor control housings from Air Purifiers, Inc. provides solutions for various sources of fumes and odors. Odor control side-access housings combine high-efficiency filters and odor absorption modules to create total clean air solutions.

Featuring the SAAF™ seal and insulated, heavy-duty construction, our odor control housings allow for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. The housings also have advanced safety features, electronic controls, and sensing technologies. Units are available with various types of media to effectively control fumes in a wide range of applications.



  • Testing
  • Self-contained systems with fans
  • Refillable module

High-Efficiency Air Filtration System and Housing

Air Purifiers, Inc. offers Bag In/Bag Out filter systems to provide not only high-efficiency air filtration but also a safe and reliable method for the handling of filters and housings with hazardous contaminants.

The side-loading filter system is designed to keep the filter sealed off from the external atmosphere, allowing maintenance personnel to change out filters without coming into direct contact with the contaminated particulate. Various types of filters and odor absorption modules are available.

Typical Applications:

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Food or health care facilities
  • Electronics clean rooms
  • Biomedical research
  • Pharmaceutical labs

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