New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

NYC Parks maintains more than 1,700 public spaces, including parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities, across the city’s five boroughs. It is responsible for over 1,000 playgrounds, 800 playing fields, 550 tennis courts, 35 major recreation centers, 66 pools, 14 miles (23 km) of beaches, and 13 golf courses

The Parks Department maintains hundreds of vehicles to support this enormous task.

From Small gas-powered tractors to tandem dump trucks the parks department has the largest variety of vehicles of all the NYC agencies.

When the City needed a custom vehicle exhaust removal solution for their biggest repair and maintenance garage, they contacted Air Purifiers Inc.

Air Purifiers Inc, designed a solution to provide maximum coverage of the garage area without impeding on working area of the garage.


240’ Exhaust Rails with (8) Nederman Hose Reels On each Rail

THE ALU 250 RAIL is an advanced exhaust rail system for high frequency use.

The hose reels are able to glide up and down the rail to provide a source capture solution at any point in the garage.

(2)        High Pressure Exhaust Blowers

The system was installed in December 2023, The Parks Department was so happy with eth project they have contracted API for Several other garages within their system.