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Portable Dust Collectors

With integral extractor arms, blowers, and filter sections, portable dust collectors are a versatile and effective solution for source capture and filtration of dust, fume, and mist. Air Purifiers offers portables ranging from 450 CFM media air cleaners to 1600 CFM heavy-duty cartridge dust collectors with dual arms.

Our portable collectors are at work in a broad range of industries, equipped to meet specific needs with filter options such as aluminum mesh pre-filters, high-pressure polyester bag filters, HEPA filters, and charcoal modules.

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Dust Collector Safety

Every day, Air Purifiers, Inc. is helping industries improve their indoor air quality to meet or exceed OSHA standards for the workplace. In addition to standards for air quality, OSHA and the NFPA also provide standards and guidelines for the safe operation of dust collectors.

Air Purifiers Inc. provides exhaust and filtration systems for environments where protection against viruses is essential, including dental clinics, healthcare, and laboratories.

Dust collection systems must be designed with a view to both preventing and suppressing possible explosion and conflagration.

A comprehensive approach to minimizing the risk of an explosion or fire includes careful design of the dust collection system and incorporation of safety equipment as needed.

It is important that every dust collection system, whether existing or new, be evaluated for safety in the handling of the dust.

To view NFPA standards, see www.nfpa.org.

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