RotoClone® Helps Coffee Roaster Stay Alert

Coffee production is the industrial process of converting the raw coffee plant into the finished coffee we enjoy each day. This process that keeps most of us going every morning generally consists of sorting, cleaning, roasting, cooling, and packaging.
After the beans are sorted and cleaned, they are placed into a customized roaster, which brings the internal temperature of the beans up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Roasting beans is all about forcing the polysaccharides to the surface of the bean. As these sugars caramelize, the color changes from green to brown. From there, the beans are poured onto a cooling try where they are kept in motion while air is sucked through the perforated metal grate, chilling down the beans.
The heating process during roasting creates several emissions including particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, and other combustion products. These emissions require environmental control measures, such as dust collection and particulate scrubbers, to be put in place to maintain a safe and clean process.


The customer approached AAF to design and install a collection system to remove the fumes from their coffee roasting operation. The roaster emissions were creating nuisance fumes in the coffee processing plant, as well as a safety hazard for workers and other equipment. On a few occasions, the plant had experienced fires in their exhaust ducting due to the temperature of the roaster and the accumulation of debris and oils in the ducting. The customer needed a new system designed to eliminate the fumes and provide a safe working environment.


Based on the application and space constraints, AAFrecommended a Rotoclone® W be used in this process. This unit uses water as the filtration media and has a fan integral to the unit. Due to the efficiency of the Rotoclone®W, a moderately sized unit was able to be used, which eliminated the space constraint the customer had. Additionally, because the Rotoclone® W uses water to filter the air, it provided a fire barrier to prevent transfer of fires without the need for additional fire prevention and detection accessories. Finally, the Rotoclone® W was perfectly suited for this application as it is one of the only dust collectors that can handle moist and hygroscopic dust which is prevalent in roasting applications.


Based on AAF guidance the customer was able to install the Rotoclone® W mounted indoors and high up on the wall. This saved valuable floor space while providing the necessary emission controls and fire protection the customer needed. The customer was happy with the solution AAF provided and their customers were happy with the perfectly roasted coffee they received.

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