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Shaking Out Cleaner Air

In the mineral processing industry, the practice of taking granulated ore material and separating it into grades by particle size is referred to as mechanical screening. A screening machine contains a drive that induces vibration, a screen media that causes particle separation and a deck that acts as the mode of transport for the vibration.

Most ores consist of hard, tough exteriors that must be crushed before the valuable mineral can be released. After mining the minerals, the material is transported to a primary crusher where, once crushed, are screened for final separation based on its grade and size range. By the end of this process, the minerals have gone through roughly three stages of crushing.

A materials management company wanted to control the pollution generated during the process of separating material after extracting it from the mine through vibrating screens. Additionally, they were looking for a way to limit the amount of pollution produced during the transferring of the materials to the open bands.


Despite previous attempts to control dust generatedfrom the ores material handling systems, a materialsmanagement company needed a solution that wouldcapture the dust expelled throughout their system.Vibrating screens and shaker beds create large dustclouds during operation as minerals are sifted from onelayer to the next. Transfer stations where the materialchanges direction or conveyor heights also createlarge amounts of nuisance dust. They were searchingfor something that would improve the air quality whilerequiring minimal maintenance.


In order to increase capture efficiency, AAF recommendedmodifying the customer’s current hood and duct design.The FabriPulse® Fusion baghouse dust collector, alongwith a centrifugal fan, were utilized as an integral partof the process filtration and hygiene ventilation. Thebaghouse was at a higher air to cloth ratio than normal,as this application of mineral transfer and the specificdesign of the FabriPulse® Fusion baghouse combine tomake a compact, high-performing system.


The AAF FabriPulse® Fusion was the optimum solutionto a variety of air quality problems the customer wasexperiencing. By tailoring the unit to the customer’sspecific application requirements, AAF was able todecrease their frequency of filter change-outs, lowerpower consumption and improve air quality.

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