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Air Cleaners for Ambient Pollution Control

Industrial air cleaners are typically mounted overhead and used for ambient pollution control or in conjunction with ductwork and hoods for source capture.

Many air cleaners are equipped with multi-purpose media to capture a broad spectrum of dust, smoke, and odors, but there is also available a whole array of specialized filter methods and media for optimal filtration of each type of contaminant or mix of contaminants.

Also available are air cleaners equipped with one or more integral extractor arms for source capture of contaminants. To address the needs of all types of industrial processes and commercial facilities, Air Purifiers, Inc. offers media air cleaners, electrostatic air cleaners, cartridge air cleaners, and commercial air cleaners.

Media Air Cleaners

Cartridge Air Cleaners

Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Commercial Air Cleaners

Media Air Cleaners

Our broad selection of high-efficiency media air cleaners provides reliable and easy-to-maintain filtration of airborne particulate, with airflow rates ranging from 1400 CFM to 6000 CFM.

Our broad selection of high-efficiency media air cleaners provides reliable and easy-to-maintain filtration of airborne particulate, with airflow rates ranging from 1400 CFM to 6000 CFM.

Multi-stage filters may include pre-filters, media bag filters, HEPA filters, and charcoal modules, as needed to best fit each application. If you would like assistance in assessing the air flow and filtration needs for your industrial facility, please ask Air Purifiers for a free on-site evaluation.

Typical Processes:

  • Welding
  • Grinding
  • Sanding
  • Soldering
  • Mixing & Processing

Cartridge Air Cleaners for Heavy Dust Concentrations

Air Purifiers, Inc. also offers robust cartridge air cleaners equipped with high-efficiency filters for keeping up with heavy dust concentrations, whether from grinding dust, or chemical powders, or weld smoke. Cartridge units feature self-cleaning, long-life cartridges, thus reducing maintenance time and filter replacement costs.

Typical Processes:

  • Welding
  • Sanding & Finishing
  • Mixing & Processing

Typical Processes:

  • Reverse-Pulse Filter Cleaning System
  • Auto-Clean Off-line Filter Cleaning
  • Dual Hopper Design
  • Optional Dual High-Flow Extractor Arms for Source Capture

Electrostatic Air Cleaners for Grease and Smoke

For very fine mist and smoke, electrostatic air cleaners provide high-efficiency filtration with low energy and operating costs. Our line of electrostatic precipitators provides safe and effective removal of grease and smoke from commercial cooking applications, as well as an efficient collection of machine mist from industrial operations.

With a full range of options, including pre-filters, odor absorption modules, added fire suppression components, and application-specific fan packages, our electrostatic air cleaners are customizable to meet various needs.

Typical Processes:

  • Commercial Cooking Operations – restaurants, hotels, hospitals, corporate & government cafeterias
  • Industrial Metalworking Operations – machining, wire drawing, roll mill operations, cold forging, CNCs, and aluminum die-casting

Commercial Air Cleaners for Industries

Commercial air cleaners are designed to maintain air quality and comfort in food service, hospitality, business, and public facilities by filtering the air of smoke, odors, dust, pollen, lint, bacteria and mold spores. Our line of air cleaners features 95% or higher filtration efficiency, low maintenance requirements, easy servicing, and quiet operation.

Whether portable, above the ceiling, or surface-mounted, our commercial air cleaners are designed for a low visibility profile, blending in well with the surroundings, and to work in conjunction with existing heating and air conditioning systems.

Typical Applications:

  • Restaurants and Cafeterias
  • Office Spaces and Break Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Bars and Lounges
  • Designated Smoking Areas
  • Indoor Pistol Ranges

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