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The following case studies illustrate implementations of our products in a variety of applications. Click on selected topic to jump to the related case study.

Dust Collector for Welding & Hard Banding

A manufacturer of oil field equipment needed a solution for large amounts of weld smoke and fumes from three wire-fed hard banding machines. An Airflow Systems DC-8 Dust Collector was ducted to intake hoods at all three machines, operating at 4500 CFM, providing excellent collection efficiency with a relatively low maintenance and operating cost.

The company's operations manager noted an immediate visible difference with the installation of the dust collector system; the 8-cartridge dust collector successfully removes the heavy loads of dust and smoke from the air.

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Air Cleaners for Electronics Manufacturing

A computer component manufacturer was experiencing increasing product rejection and return rates resulting from metal finishing dust floating into final assembly areas. Free-standing source collection units were not successfully capturing the very fine metal particulate and the resultant dust in the air was causing static interference in finished computer assemblies. Two Airflow Systems F70R overhead air filtration units were installed to continuously filter and recirculate the air to remove the particulate.

The plant manager was very pleased with the results. Within the first week of operation, the Airflow Systems F70R pre-filters collected more particulate from the air than the previous source collection system had in several months of operation. The air cleaners also proved easy to service and component rejection has been virtually eliminated.

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Extractor Arms for Food Manufacturing

In the production process of a food products manufacturer, spice powders are mixed and prepared in large bins. During the weighing and measuring operation, spice dust was posing an irritant to the nose and lungs of the workers. A Nederman Original fume extractor arm with an extension hood was installed, completely covering the measuring zone and capturing the dust, collecting it in the attached FilterBox.

Both the personnel at the weighing station as well as those working nearby were pleased with the difference made by the extractor arm system.

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Extractor Arms for Chemical Manufacturer

Irritating vapors and dust generated at a chemical manufacturing facility prompted a concern about employee health and comfort. Three Nederman FX arms were provided, connected to a white FilterBox with automatic cleaning. A special design activated carbon cartridge was also inserted on the fan outlet for the absorption of the fumes and odors.

The extractor arms system provided the needed solution for the weighing and mixing stations.

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Downdraft Tables & Booth for Composite Dust

An aerospace components manufacturer generates a heavy volume of dust from grinding and sanding on composite materials and needed to improve air quality and reduce clean-up time. The solution was to install nine Micro Air XA34 downdraft tables for work on the smaller components and an 8-foot CAB clean air booth for work on large components.

The high-velocity source capture of the tables and booth keeps up very well with the heavy load of composite dust, and the company has been very happy with their improved air quality.

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Mist Collectors for Air Compressor Manufacturing

A leading producer of automotive AC compressors needed to control the coolant mist and oily smoke in its very large manufacturing facility. Thirty-four Micro Air MX6000 oil mist collectors, each equipped with a 95% efficient oil mist bag filter, were installed in a "racetrack" formation to provide a complete air change 6.9 times per hour, or every 8.6 minutes. The collectors feature low maintenance requirements and easy accessibility.

The contaminants that had previously hung at ceiling level in a "blue cloud" were efficiently filtered at a level of 95% each time the air passed through the MX6000 units.

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Central Vacuum System for Food Processing

A major flour processing and baking supply company needed a way to reduce time and labor in the clean-up of its "grain room" where ingredients are blended and packaged. A Spencer Industravac unit was installed in an adjacent room, with convenient hose connections located all around the grain room. The vacuumed material is then collected through a tubing network into an easy-empty removable can in a remote location.

The Industravac CVS also has explosion-proof (XP) design features to deal with the potential for explosion. While unlikely, it is a hazard that can be associated with flour processing, and the system's explosion relief vent is ducted for safety to the outside of the building.

The Industravac system proved ideal with its low maintenance, continuous-duty operation, saving the company time and labor compared with other methods previously used to clean the plant.

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Vehicle Exhaust in County Maintenance Facility

Four Monoxivent source capture systems were provided for a county maintenance facility. The job includes pull-up kits with 24' of high-temperature, 6" diameter, 4000 Series hose. Stainless steel tapered cone adapters (TCA-6) are used to connect to the exhaust pipes.

County maintenance trucks are connected to the hose drops to ensure clean air and adequate indoor air quality in the shop's work environment.

The county has been pleased with the user-friendly systems.

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Under-Floor Exhaust Removal for Auto Dealership

Seventeen Monoxivent under-floor exhaust outlets were installed in an auto dealership facility, providing easy access and connection to the exhaust hose.

The system utilizes Monoxivent's Series 3000 no-crush hose, along with seventeen tailpipe adapters. In addition, a REFCO (Refuse Clean Out) was incorporated. The fan was a Backward Inclined BI-195 model for 5100 CFM at 4.5" SP and 7.5-HP.

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Special Exhaust Hose for High-Temp Diesel Fumes

A highway maintenance and road surfacing company maintains a 32-vehicle fleet of jumbo-size asphalt resurfacing and paving equipment at its engine service facility. The company needed a vehicle exhaust removal system with hoses that could withstand high exhaust gas temperatures from their road building vehicles.

The solution was a system with Masterduct's Master-CLIP HT-1200, a flex hose capable of withstanding "worst case scenario" temperatures of 1,200°F for sustained periods. A woven stainless steel liner inside the hose provides long life at high temperatures. The flex hose is incorporated into a system with nozzles and hard ducting which leads to a blower on the roof that vents the high temperature engine exhaust emissions.

The shop foreman was amazed at the performance of his new high-temp exhaust removal system, remarking, "You rev one of these Cat or Mercedes engines wide open, and you don't see a bit of smoke come out of it."

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Quick-Fit Ducting for Woodworking Dust Collection

A manufacturer of fine furniture and wood flooring has 40 machines in three separate buildings. Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting provided a practical and easily installed system to connect all machines to a large cyclone collector, efficiently handling a heavy load of wood dust and particulate.

Shown here is the largest building with the most machines connected.

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